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SeoulSpace is Hosting Coffee with TechCrunch
SeoulSpace is Hosting Coffee with TechCrunch
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TechCrunch the leader in technology media is coming to Seoul once again!  They will be doing their meet-up/pitch-off to find promising startups, review new innovative products, and find the latest breaking tech news.  The event will be held on October 27th and TechCrunch will be looking for 10 South Korean startups to make their pitch to a large audience and a panel of judges.  This will be a great opportunity to meet VCs, big time executives, and potential partners.  Applications are now open and can be found here.  Those looking for tickets can find it here.


However for those that would like a special one on one meeting with the TechCrunch team BEFORE the big event.  SeoulSpace has you covered.  TechCrunch is offering a unique one on one pitch meeting experience the day before the event, which would be the 26th.  So SeoulSpace is looking for new and innovative Korean Startups that would like to have a intimate meeting with the biggest tech media news outlet in the world.  You will get a chance to speak directly to the TechCrunch team and get a chance to be featured on their platform.  This will be completely different from the event as it will be held in a coffee shop and a more casual setting.  From 1pm-2:30pm the TechCrunch team will meet between 10-15 startups with the goal of finding 2-3 startups worth writing about on their site.

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