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Kakao Taxi Expands to Support Korean Startups
Kakao Taxi Expands to Support Korean Startups
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The success of the Kakao taxi is expanding to support the korea startups.

Kakao Corp., the provider of mobile messaging platform Kakao Talk as well as Korea’s successful on-demand service Kakao Taxi, announced that its CBO John Jung will be presenting at the Mobile World Congress 2016 on Feb. 25th, taking place in Barcelona Spain

“The results of analyzing the Koreans day, is being used to 1.8 hours more than 11% of the 16 waking hours of the day to move,” he said. “Go “is the user’s gender and age, a common repeatability, regardless of profession high area, a lot of users was judged to be able to benefit.

The average age of South Korea taxi drivers are 60.4 years old and unfamiliar with smartphones.

In consideration for these Kakao taxi drivers only the key features required for using the service were left in while additional features were taken out.

kakao image_sub01

(http://www.kakaocorp.com : this App is for the taxi drivers it’s only just put the key features to simple for them!)

He emphasized that “having a focused two-way customized base on accurate understanding of the market, was critical to the selection of taxi drivers.”

As a result, Kakao taxis has grown into Korea’s top Taxi calling app.

Kakao has grown through the investment for startups that are new and innovative as well as provide support.

kakao image_sub06
On February 24 Kakao reorganized the Kimgisa to Kakao Navi for transport service O2O expansion.

In the future, when the Delivery Driver of Kakao as well as Kakao taxi arrive they will be partnership with the parking service app Parkhere.

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