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Dream Agility Partnership with WishTrend
Dream Agility Partnership with WishTrend
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A partnership between Dream Agility and WishTrend.com

We at Dream Agility are proud to announce our partnership with the Korean e-commerce platform WishTrend.com.  Our strategic partnership will strengthen WishTrend’s presence in the US and Canadian markets.  This will be achieved by employing Dream Agility’s multi-award-winning machine learning AdTech platform and inventory dashboards to optimize Google performance.

WishTrend is a cross-border e-commerce platform.  It is operated by Wishcompany headquartered in Seoul.  They have flagship brands such as Klairs, By Wishtrend and I’m From that are loved by many customers around the world. Therefore, the company enjoys a thriving social media presence.  For example, they have a YouTube channel with over 600k subscribers.  In addition, they have huge followings on Wishtrend Glam and Wishtrend TV. They consistently deliver high-quality beauty content to their customers and sell the native K-beauty products to a global audience.

“We can apply our unrivaled Google expertise as one of the top performing and fastest growing Google Premier Partners and Google Shopping Partners globally” Elizabeth Clark CEO at Dream Agility.

It was great to have met Eddie Aram Baek, Chief Digital Officer of WishTrend.  He felt extremely excited about the partnership with Dream Agility.

The project will start once WishTrend launches their new website which is aimed to drive high-performance traffic in American and Canadian markets.  Therefore, this will lead to WishTrend to profitably grow their international presence.

“We plan to expand to more countries in the near future and feel that with the help of Dream Agility technology and their brand-new Inventory & Pricing Dashboards, our project will yield great results,” Eddie Aram Baek Chief Digital Officer at WishTrend.

I am very excited to partner up with more Korean startups and companies in the future and help take Korean products and services globally.


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